Unhappy? Unfulfilled? Unsuccessful?
'Yes' may be honest, but difficult to admit.

Five reasons to devour the messages in this book...

5…You feel like a ‘hot mess’.
4…You aspire to be a better parent, spouse, and leader.
3…You desire to develop your confidence and self-worth.
2…You wish to live with passion, purpose, and meaning creating the life you dream of.
1…You long to say, “I love myself” and truly mean it.
Presented in an easy-to-understand format, you will learn how to create sustainable, authentic happiness by learning about the human complexities of you, your family, and your co-workers. Through this you will regain your personal power that you've been masking behind a facade.

The search for happiness is really a journey within yourself and just like any journey, it works best with a map. For example, it would be very difficult to get from say Alaska to Florida without a map. Can it be done? Yes, but it will take you much longer and be much more challenging. There is some comfort and certainty in having a map to guide you. Collateral Happiness is the road map for the journey of happiness within yourself. 

Discover answers to: 

Who Am I?
What makes me happy?
What is the meaning of my life?
How do I stop feeling stuck or lost? 
Why am I experiencing so much pain and struggle? 
How can I advance myself, and step into my success in relationships, career, and happiness? 

You will: 

Transform and renew your inner self through a modern and revitalized approach of happiness, love, and authenticity.
Become a stellar communicator and influencer. 
Change your inner lens and see the world in a refreshed, positive, authoritative radiance. 

Why does it work?

Because Christine has been there—she said yes, and admitted to being ‘Unhappy? Unfulfilled? Unsuccessful?’ Then, over time, created Collateral Happiness.  

Collateral Happiness explains in detail a step-by-step approach of how to activate the human drives that lead to creating inner-happiness. The steps of Collateral Happiness lay out in an easy to read format what you need to do in order to feel confident, grounded, authentic, self-aware, and driven to live a happier life. It provides guidance on how you can embark on a quest to live on purpose and lead a rewarding and affirming life. Combined with the insight and theories of a life coach and a personal journey of self-discovery, the book is relateable, inspiring, and easy to connect with.  

Collateral Happiness is a uniquely radical, groundbreaking personal-development guide, delivered in an entertaining and educational format, which shows you how to unearth your inner power. With solid concepts, profound insight, and practical exercises, the book is brought to life by an anecdotal, personal journey to inner happiness. It will truly enrich your life and help you embark on a journey to happiness.

Omg Christine you are a genius women!! I’m on page 25 and I’ve already cried!! But in a good way!! Such a good book already! I wish I could cancel my evening clients and curl up and read it all!!  Well done. You are bloody amazing!! I can’t wait to talk about it!! The world must read it!!
— Sam Lee
43% complete with 57% left to go! Great read so far! You should be so darn proud of yourself, Christine! This book is such an astounding accomplishment! Lots of goodies in there.
— Miranda Dziaduck

Collateral Happiness Trailer

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