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The essence of Integrative Healing.

There is within every human personality an inner-Self - the soul. Thus, you are a spiritual being here to have a human experience of the soul. The soul is very wise and KNOWS love and joy without condition and question, but without the human mind and body, the soul is unable to EXPERIENCE love, joy, and fulfillment. This inner-Self unfortunately gets covered as you progress through life coping with traumas and negative experiences. THIS BACKLOG OF STRESS LIMITS YOU. It inhibits your fullest experience as you shift from relying on guidance from the soul to relying on guidance from the rational mind. The inner-Self must be uncovered of the backlog of stresses in order to realign with inner guidance, sense intuition, and EXPERIENCE fulfillment. Integrative Healing is a technique that is used to help clear the negative stresses in order to uncover the inner-Self allowing the body-mind-soul to EXPERIENCE, not just know, true fulfillment, joy, and purpose.

The what, why, and how of Integrative Healing.

To start, it’s essential to acknowledge that humans are beings of energy and vibration. Thoughts, therefore, are also energy. When you hold negative thought patterns in your subconscious, your energetic body will vibrate at the same frequency as the negative energy of the thoughts. The more negative subconscious thoughts that pile up, the more negative energy that will vibrate within you causing your body to become weak and your mind to become pessimistic.

The negative energy will also interfere and block your connection to your inner-soul - your heart centre and your internal life compass.

It’s not that your inner-soul becomes depleted and weak. It’s that the connection to your inner-soul becomes weak.

Stored subconscious negative beliefs create energetic blocks that weaken the connection to the soul (heart-center) from the mind and body. The more negative beliefs that you store in the subconscious, the more energetic blocks that will exist and weaken the connection. To restore and strengthen the connection, negative beliefs need to be routinely released from the subconscious body.

A weak connection can lead to a greater existential crisis because when the connection is weak, your intuition is dialled down, your clarity of mind becomes muddled, you feel an existential emptiness and lack of aliveness, you become misaligned to your life purpose, you decrease your ability to manifest greater health, wealth, and love into your life, and you are unable to experience joy in the form of the five senses.

When you hold more positive subconscious thoughts than negative and feel a strong connection to your inner-soul, the body is energized, vitalized, and balanced. When you do not, you will feel drained, negative, and unclear.

Over a lifetime, the energy of negative subconscious thoughts and emotions can accumulate to such a degree that you may become sick, depressed, anxious, chronically ill, unmotivated, chronically fatigued, unfocused, or scattered. This is a physical response from the body reminding you that you are not routinely releasing the backlog of stresses and negative thoughts from your subconscious and not working to strengthen your connection to your inner-soul.

To paint a picture, imagine that your body is a radio. Positive subconscious thoughts are radio waves. Negative subconscious thoughts are radio wave interference’s. And the inner-soul is the radio station. If the energy frequency of the radio wave is not strong due to an interference distorting the radio wave, the body is unable to tune into the station of the inner-soul. So instead of hearing a voice, you just hear static and noise leaving you lost without message and guidance.

Unfortunately, the Western world does not fully appreciate or emphasize that limiting beliefs, trapped negative emotions, and old social programming embedded in the subconscious need to be routinely released beyond just using conscious will. Integrative healing which combines the best of intuitive processes, energy healing, meditation, visualization, and life coaching is used to communicate with your subconscious to help identify, locate, clear, and heal the energetic forms of abundance blocks, negative thoughts, and emotional wounds on a deep subconscious level freeing you from self-sabotaging behaviours, negative repeating life patterns, pain, and self-loathing.

Although we pinpoint the root cause of imbalance and the resulting feelings around it, this is not talk therapy. The goal is to find and release the energy around the subconscious programming. Emotions often surface as part of the release. This is a safe place to shed tears, vent anger, and allow whatever comes up to just be. You are in a safe place and everything that comes up in a session is completely confidential. This work is sacred and as such each person’s privacy and healing journey is deeply honored.

This work is ideal when you feel imbalanced or stuck; are ready to resolve old emotional wounds; want to feel empowered, hopeful, and alive; are questioning if there is more to life; need to strengthen the connection to your divine inner-soul; want to improve harmony in your relationships; are ready to attract your soul-mate into your life; want to find more fulfillment in your career; need clarity and direction; or just feel ‘off’ but aren’t sure why.

The goal of integrative healing is to remove negative energy blocks or drains so the body can restore itself to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance through homeostasis as well as to strengthen your connection to your inner-soul.

What are trapped negative emotions?

At the most basic level, the body is energy and trapped emotions are negative forms of energy residing in the body which can distort the body’s energetic tissues, just as a magnet can distort the picture on a TV screen. Distort the body tissues long-term, and pain and malfunction will be the result.

What this means in simple terms: when you feel a negative emotion after experiencing a negative trauma, but you ignore what you feel or try to ‘will’ yourself you are fine, the energy of the emotion will continue to exist. This is due to the emotional survival mechanism. If something negative happens, such as feeling rejection when your parent ignores you, but you don’t have the ability or the wisdom to address it, the body copes by storing rejection in the body away from the mind. It does this so the body can cope and deal with it later when things calm down. However, if it is never addressed and more negative emotions pile on, it can overwhelm the body causing malfunction. If you continue to busy and distract yourself from the malfunction signals from the body, the signals will continue to get louder and louder until it is addressed.

Your body is not equipped with a “check engine” light, but it does have a way of communicating when something is wrong. This communication can show up as pain, fatigue, muscle tension, depression, self-sabotage, anxiety, uncomfortable emotions, brain fog, relationship problems, the disease process, and more. It may feel like your body is screaming at you in a foreign language, and it can be incredibly frustrating when you don’t know what it is telling you. To relieve the body of symptoms, you need to address and release the emotion rather than just treat the symptom.

The problem that arises is when a person does not know how to speak the foreign language of the body. Without knowing this language, it can be difficult to identify the emotion causing the symptom in the body. Without knowing the emotion, the trapped negative energy cannot be released.

Integrative healing is like speaking the foreign language of the body. When a person knows how to speak the language of the body, they can help to identify the underlying negative emotion caused by an old trauma, release the energy of the trapped emotion, and then restore the body’s energy levels to a homeostatic balance. When this occurs, you can feel relief physically but more importantly you also feel clarity and relaxation mentally as well.

Some of the negative experiences or traumas that cause negative emotions include: betrayal, divorce, losing a job, sexual or physical abuse, losing someone close, struggling as a parent, losing money, being ignored by your boss, abortion, not being recognized by your parents, not knowing your passion or purpose, being told you suck, bullied. This list goes on. Please note that the negative emotions affecting you aren’t always caused by big ‘T’ traumas. They can also be caused by little ‘t’ traumas experienced over time.

Can negative emotions cause disease?

As the CDC itself has said, “There’s an emotional component in 85% of all illnesses.” Negative thoughts and emotions cause constriction which leads to weakness and blockages in the body. Energy and oxygen cannot flow freely to the areas it needs to.

You see, we all naturally feel negative emotions as a result of the many stressors and demands of everyday life. When these emotions build over time and remain unexpressed, they become buried in the subconscious mind. As negative emotions accumulate over time in the subconscious, they develop into physical symptoms of weakness. Here’s how it happens…

Over time, those repressed emotions limit oxygen supply to your muscles. That oxygen deprivation then leads to muscle constriction, which spreads to nearby muscles. As time goes on, when your muscles remain tight and constricted, you experience pain, depression, anxiety, etc. The tension builds, muscles contract, blood flow constricts, and physical/emotional pain follows all because of subconscious emotions.

How does an integrative healing session work?

Together we sit and discuss what is troubling you.

Then we drill down further into the block and emotional wound. I assess and identify the root of the subconscious imbalance by using intuitive processes, meditation, visualization, life coaching, and energy healing to release your embedded trapped emotions and restore homestatic energy balance in the body. Blood and oxygen flow is restored to cells, the mind frees up space for positive energy and thoughts, and a sensation of healing, happiness, and clarity is felt.

What are some of the benefits of Integrative Healing?

  • Permanently heal emotional traumas so you free yourself from negative repeating patterns and limiting thoughts that hold you back.

  • Improve your health, balance, and vitality by restoring your body’s energy pathways. Alleviate the symptoms of chronic illnesses and accelerate your path to total healing of the mind, body, and spirit.

  • Reignite your intuition so you make better decisions in life aligned to your vision of success and life purpose.

  • Manifest new opportunities and abundance by clearing away negative energy blocking you from feeling joy and accomplishment. Become the creator of your life experiences rather than staying the observer.

  • Boost your energy by balancing your stress levels so that vicious cycle of saying, ‘there isn’t enough time’, disappears.

  • Clear the negative thoughts, emotions, and energies that pull you further away from the life you crave. Instantly eradicate the psychological programming that has caused you to unconsciously limit and sabotage your own relationships, finances, and health.

  • Uncover and clear away the trapped negative emotions that rob you of your motivation and spark for life.

Investment: $80 for a one hour session