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à la carte Services


Freedom Wellness (All About The Food)

This plan is all about the FOOD because no matter how hard you exercise, weight loss success and nutritional health comes down to knowing how to eat. With this plan you get a private informational session with me along with 4 weekly email check-ins, plus much more.

COST: $125 for a private consult and meal plan; $50/month for daily check in’s.



Freedom Wellness (All About The Mind)

This online program is all about the MIND because no matter how healthy you eat, success comes down to knowing how to control the mind and stop self-sabotaging. Receive 7 modules with exclusive access to daily videos, worksheets, and resources to help you embrace and understand the mindset of a healthy living lifestyle. The daily videos contain VALUABLE information to help keep you motivated and focused on your goal.

COST: $125


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Freedom Wellness (All About The Emotions)

This program is all about overcoming the emotional urges to eat and balancing the body-mind-soul connection to keep you motivated, committed, and positive. If you overeat or overindulge even when you aren’t hungry, there is something deeper beyond food to resolve.

This program is delivered in combination with the ALL ABOUT THE FOOD program. Each day I provide you with a question or two where you spend time reflecting and journaling. My role is to help you drill down to the core issue holding you back, help you get in touch with your heart center, and help you release any trapped negative emotions and beliefs causing emotional eating.

Cost: $250 for the first month; $75/monthly subsequently.


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Emotional Healing Energy Balance

Angels encompass the healing and restorative component of energy medicine to restore your mind, body, and soul back to health no matter what ails you. Angels are able to heal anything, whether you have a bodily injury or sickness, an emotional wound, or a spiritual misalignment.

How? If old traumas or negative emotions aren’t released, they become stuck in your energy field and will eventually cause physical problems by limiting blood and oxygen flow to the area of weakness. The subconscious brain tightens and constricts areas of the body when you feel any negative emotion or think a negative thought. Angelic healing energy can help release negative emotions, beliefs, and blockages which then allows the body to normalize itself through homeostasis. In essence, if you give the body what it needs and take away what it doesn’t need, the body does the rest.

You may feel a warmth or tingling at the site of the healing or in the chakra corresponding to your emotional wound, or see a white or gold light out of the corner of your eye when an angel is working their magic on you. Just relax and let the energy restore you back to body, mind, and soul health and balance.

COST: $80 for a one hour session



Emotional Healing and Life Coaching Combo

The ultimate healing experience. Using the energies of Reiki, Angelic healing, Ckakra balancing, and/or Angel Readings in combination with life coaching, I work with you to release trapped negative emotions and connect you with your authentic inner-self. This combo is great for those feeling stuck on a decision, unclear about their next step forward, or having difficulty letting go of an old trauma. Using the powerful energy of angels and the psychology of coaching to clear emotional blockages, release old self-limiting beliefs, and get guidance on how to confidently take your next step forward.

Every session is truly unique as it is determined by whatever healing you need at the time. Receive advice, inspiration, or answers to questions about anything troubling or halting you in your life. Examples of such troubles include...relationship struggles, career indecision, food and weight loss difficulties, lack of self-worth, feeling unhappy, pain and inflammation, guilt from cheating, bullying, abuse, etc.

Start each session off with an angel reading and life coaching to help you sort through and get guidance on whatever is troubling you deep in your soul. Then end each session with an angel healing to balance your energy chakras. As you clear your energy blocks, the body is better able to allow blood and oxygen to circulate throughout your body allowing the body to heal and revitalize itself back to body, mind, and soul health.

COST: $80 for a one hour session