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A Mind-Body-Spirit approach to clear abundance blocks and heal emotional wounds on a subconscious level.

What if who you really are is far greater than who you’ve ever thought yourself to be?

If you aren’t getting what you want in life, are repeating negative life patterns, or haven’t felt real joy, aliveness, clarity, or confidence for a long time, it’s because you have an abundance block standing in your way. Abundance blocks are subconscious obstacles and thought forms that hold you back from attracting health, wealth, and love.

Typically they are programmed from societal stories, family beliefs, emotional wounds, and traumatic personal experiences. They end up embedded in your subconscious, the part of your mind that governs 95% of your beliefs, habits, and choices. If you don’t clear the backlog of stresses in your subconscious, they pile up. As they pile up, it depletes the vitality of your mind-body and weakens the connection to your inner-soul. This results in physical symptoms such as pain, constant illness, tension, low energy, or tightness. It can also result in mental symptoms such as depression, anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, and even hopelessness.

You don’t get what you want in life. You get what you subconsciously believe you deserve.

What is Integrative Healing?

It’s a method that combines meditation, energy healing, visualization, life coaching, and intuitive processes in a specialized way to instantly eradicate the backlog of stresses and negative thought forms stored in the cellular memory of your subconscious so you are able to manifest greater health, wealth, and love into your life. As this backlog of negative thought forms are released, you are able to restore a stronger connection to your inner-soul (aka heart centre, feelings centre, intuition, higher self) so you have:

  • increased clarity with life decisions,

  • improved physical and mental health,

  • unapologetic confidence about your own character,

  • courage to create a life you desire, and

  • guidance on how to contribute more of your gifts in this world.

It helps you to condition your character to be confident, calm, and powerful. It restores peace and balance with your body-mind-soul connection.

Integrative Healing helps you see what you can’t see and know what you don’t know that’s hidden in the subconscious pathways blocking you from attracting abundance, feeling good, and creating the life you want. It clears the blocks so you get clarity on your next step and on the changes you need to make to improve your life and raise your energy frequency to love, joy, and peace. As you raise your energy frequency, you increase your ability to manifest wonderful abundance in your life.

As you release the layers of subconscious emotional baggage and negative thinking from the body’s energy pathways, the body can restore and heal itself to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance through homeostasis. The body already knows how to heal itself. You just need to remove the block that’s preventing it.

You can’t consciously will the subconscious to change.

This is IMPORTANT…sometimes you can’t actually heal emotional wounds or clear abundance blocks alone. The limiting beliefs, trapped negative emotions, and old social programming embedded in the subconscious needs to be released beyond just using conscious will. Integrative healing is used to communicate with your subconscious to help identify, locate, clear, and heal abundance blocks and emotional wounds on a deep subconscious level freeing you from self-sabotaging behaviours, negative repeating life patterns, pain, and self-loathing.

Who is Integrative Healing for?

You aren’t New Age, religious, or conventional science. In fact, you aren’t sure where you fit in because you are somewhere in-between. All you know is that you are seeking to heal and grow your inner-soul so you feel more alive, whole, and happy. All you want is to be a high performer - someone who wants to improve themselves and the world around them every day.

Routinely nurture your inner-soul by clearing your backlog of subconscious stresses and negative thought forms so you are able to perform far greater than you ever thought yourself to be.

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Meet Christine Waldner

As an integrative healer and coach, I have passionately invested thousands of hours of coaching and healing people. WHY? Because I’ve been there. Over my lifetime I’ve struggled with food addiction, career uncertainties, not fitting in, and relationship difficulties which really were the result of low self-esteem and fear of failure, judgement, and rejection.

I exhausted myself focusing on fixing the outside problems. It wasn’t until I spent time on personal growth, self-discovery, and emotional energy healing that I finally felt better. I learned how to love myself, honour MY definitions of success, and stopped chasing someone else’s dreams. I stopped trying to fit in and created a new mould. People say that once we heal ourselves, it becomes our mission to help others heal themselves. Through my healing process, I discovered my gift to read people’s subconscious emotional energy, the foreign language of the body. This is my gift in life to get to share with the world.


Be courageous and confident


Love yourself for who you really are


Live like a kid again - for the purpose of joy

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Lack confidence and self-worth? Get ready to meet the most significant human in your



Let’s clear your abundance blocks if you think otherwise.