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What if who you really are is far greater than who you’ve ever thought yourself to be?

If you aren’t getting what you want in life, are repeating negative life patterns, or haven’t felt real joy, aliveness, clarity, or confidence for a long time, it’s because you have fear and negative emotions trapped in your subconscious blocking you from connecting with your intuitive self.

Typically these fears and emotions are programmed from societal stories, family beliefs, emotional wounds, and traumatic personal experiences. They end up embedded in your subconscious, the part of your mind that governs 95% of your beliefs, habits, and choices. If you don’t clear the backlog of stresses in your subconscious, they pile up and hold you back. As this continually occurs over time, the mind and soul connection becomes misaligned. This then leads to physical symptoms such as pain, constant illness, tension, low energy, or tightness and emotional symptoms such as depression, anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, and even hopelessness.

You don’t get what you want in life. You get what you subconsciously believe you deserve.

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Lack confidence and self-worth? Get ready to meet the most significant human in your life...you.

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Meet Christine Waldner

As an integrative healer and coach, I am extremely empathetic, knowledgeable, and determined when it comes to helping people align their thoughts, their feelings, and their intuitive self into harmony and balance. I haven’t chosen this job as a profession. I’ve been led here on my own healing journey as a life purpose. Working on my own personal growth and helping others with their’s, I’ve spent thousands of hours learning, trialling, and discovering. I’ve been there. I get it. I’m still evolving. With this great deal of experience in a breadth of areas such as life coaching, energy healing, meditating, and nutrition, I’ve defied society’s conventions of what’s ‘supposed’ to be and have either experienced through myself or through my clients what you feel. I am not only well suited but also completely honoured to be part of your healing journey…



Let’s clear your fear blocks and heal your emotional wounds if you feel otherwise.