Reveal the beautiful you already are.


A mind-body-spirit approach to permanent, healthy well-being.

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Meet Christine Waldner

As an intuitive life coach and healer, I have passionately invested thousands of hours of coaching and healing people. WHY? Because I’ve been there. Over my lifetime I’ve gained and lost the same 25 pounds at least 25 times and I was exhausted, ashamed, and defeated. (If you do the math that’s 625 lbs!) I thought there was something seriously wrong with me until I learned there really wasn’t. I was already perfect. My problem wasn’t me. It was my approach. I kept forcing a square peg in a round hole - new diet, same approach. Once I learned how to heal myself with a NEW APPROACH, it became my soul’s purpose to teach others.


Attain body, mind, and spirit balance


Love yourself from the inside out


Achieve and maintain your ideal weight

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Lack confidence and self-worth? Get ready to meet the most significant human in your life...you.



On those days you think it's just you and wondering what's wrong...know you aren't alone.

It took 20 years of constant yo-yo-ing to learn my mistakes. Far too long in my opinion. Too many years feeling shame, guilt, and failure standing in the way of fully living. Each time I attempted to lose those same 25 pounds, I’d think I changed and would maintain it this time. But I didn’t. The weight would creep back on despite feeling healthier and more confident at 130 lbs. HOW could I let it happen? WHY did I let it happen? Was there something wrong with me? After 20 years, I finally realized deep down I was only changing the diet. I never changed the approach. But what was I missing? How could I put the whole ‘weight loss’ thing behind me once and for all?

Download the FREE guide to learn the approach I changed in order to lose weight permanently while feeling in total control, without cravings, and how I finally stopped the weight from coming back on time and time again. In this guide, you’re going to get 20 years worth of weight loss lessons wrapped up in 8 pages. I've seriously done the ground work for you and laid out 5 reasons why you might be struggling with weight problems. I promise you, it's not what you think...HINT: It’s not because I lacked exercise, willpower, genetics, hormone balance, or motivation.


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