Reveal the true success you already are.


A Mind-Body-Spirit Approach for Abundance, Health, Love, & Life Purpose.

Is your idea of success really your own?
Or is it actually someone else’s you’ve been chasing?
Has your vision of success in life been suggested by society or limited by beliefs programmed by your primary caregivers?

Most people get to a point in life where they want to answer the questions…what do I actually want in life? Is there more? Why am I unhappy or unsuccessful - career, love, finances, health, weight, etc.? Why do these patterns keep repeating? Before you can even begin to dive in and answer these questions though, you need to know an essential foundation…who am I?

Yes, these are HARD life questions! But they are meant to be. If you’ve distracted yourself from answering these questions and denied how you are really feeling by staying busy - following someone else’s dream of success and concerning yourself with other people’s problems - you may find yourself at a point in life with physical pain, constant illness, depression, anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, and even hopelessness. These are physical responses from the body signalling you to get back on YOUR soul’s path and in harmony within yourself.

Something very important you need to know is that sometimes you can’t actually answer these questions alone. You have hidden limiting beliefs, trapped negative emotions, and old social programming blocking you. The answers may truly be hidden to your conscious mind. To uncover the answers to these questions, you’ll need to get reconnected with your soul’s voice and heart center - trusting your intuitive self.

Emotional energy healing can help you do this so YOU can define success on your soul’s terms and feel the joy of living like a kid again - for the purpose of joy. Let go of painful timeline, deadline, and attainment based living by clearing away energy blocks standing in your way. Stop waiting to be ‘told’ how to be successful. Allow yourself to defy social convention, be courageous, and do it your way.

The key to success is this…if you feel JOY even on your challenging days, you know you are following your path of success. If you don’t feel joy, you are chasing someone else’s idea of success.

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Meet Christine Waldner

As an intuitive life coach and healer, I have passionately invested thousands of hours of coaching and healing people. WHY? Because I’ve been there. Over my lifetime I’ve struggled with food addiction, career uncertainties, and relationship difficulties which really were the result of low self-esteem, humiliation, and fear of failure.

I tired myself focusing on fixing the outside problems. It wasn’t until I spent time on personal growth, self-discovery, and emotional energy healing that I finally felt better. I learned how to love myself, honour MY definitions of success, and stopped chasing someone else’s dreams. People say that once we heal ourselves, it becomes our mission to help others heal themselves. Through my healing process, I discovered my gift to read people’s emotional energy, the foreign language of the body. This is my gift in life to get to share with the world.


Be courageous and confident


Love yourself for who you really are


Live like a kid again - for the purpose of joy

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Lack confidence and self-worth? Get ready to meet the most significant human in your life...you.



Let’s clear those emotional blocks if you think otherwise.