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Who I Am

Hi, as an intuitive life coach and healer, I have passionately invested thousands of hours of coaching and healing people. WHY? Because I’ve been there. Over my lifetime I’ve gained and lost the same 25 pounds at least 25 times and I was exhausted, ashamed, and defeated. (If you do the math that’s 625 lbs!) I thought there was something seriously wrong with me until I learned there really wasn’t. I was already perfect. My problem wasn’t me. It was my approach. I kept forcing a square peg in a round hole - new diet, same approach. Once I learned how to heal myself with a NEW APPROACH, it became my soul’s purpose to teach others.

My Why

It was through my own struggle of trying to conquer emotional eating and low self-worth that I found myself here in this role today. I didn’t wake up when I was 10 years old and say I’m going to be a transformational coach when I grow up. I struggled on my way here. 

Over a decade ago I found myself in a quarter life crisis I’ll call it. I was a food addict, a failure in my career, lonely, depressed, and lost. I didn't like myself. I felt trapped inside my own body and I wanted to escape. I constantly had thoughts of ending my life just so I could free myself from the anguish I felt inside. I never talked to anyone and kept my feelings to myself. I wanted to pretend and let others think everything was okay when on the inside I felt like I was dying.

A gift of a persistent curiosity to understand my misery and struggles with food existed deep inside me. It took me over a decade to amass a wealth of knowledge in this wellness arena. Over the years, I researched, practiced, persisted.  

I could list my many certifications, but I pride myself most on my life experience and knowledge I’ve amassed through my hundreds of hours of coaching clients who feel more like friends.

I'm not perfect. I don't strive to be nor do I pretend to say I am. It's not for me. I am an evolving work in progress who strives for continual learning. My aim is to express my authentic true self. Some days are better than others. I have ups and downs. However, I can finally say that I love who I am and no longer feel shame, guilt, or disappointment for being me. I no longer mindlessly overeat or am controlled by my urges. It's a peace I now want to share and guide others to experience as well.  

Where I work…

I’ve chosen to to use my home as my office space because it’s warm, welcoming, and inviting - a great space for you to feel comfortable and at home, which is essential in helping you feel safe and willing to share your most intimate vulnerabilities.



If you like what I stand for,

please feel free to reach out and contact me. I truly am here for you. I am certified, experienced, and results-driven.

Thanks for getting to know me!