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As an integrative healer and coach, I have passionately invested thousands of hours of coaching and healing people. WHY? Because I’ve been there. Over my lifetime I’ve struggled with food addiction, career uncertainties, not fitting in, and relationship difficulties which really were the result of low self-esteem and fear of failure, judgement, and rejection.

I exhausted myself focusing on fixing the outside problems. It wasn’t until I spent time on personal growth, self-discovery, and emotional energy healing that I finally felt better. I learned how to love myself, honour MY definitions of success, and stopped chasing someone else’s dreams. I stopped trying to fit in and created a new mould.

People say that once we heal ourselves, it becomes our mission to help others heal themselves. Through my healing process, I discovered my gift to read people’s subconscious emotional energy, the foreign language of the body. This is my gift in life to get to share with the world.

My Why

It was through my own struggle of trying to conquer emotional eating and low self-worth that I found myself here in this role today. I didn’t wake up when I was 10 years old and say I’m going to be an intuitive coach and healer when I grow up. I struggled on my way here. 

Over a decade ago I found myself in a quarter life crisis I’ll call it. I was a food addict, a failure in my career, lonely, depressed, and lost. I didn't like myself. I felt trapped inside my own body and I wanted to escape. I constantly had thoughts of ending my life just so I could free myself from the anguish I felt inside. I never talked to anyone and kept my feelings to myself. I didn’t think I could be helped. I wanted to uphold my image that I was on target to be successful in terms of being the perfect weight, marrying the perfect guy, getting the perfect career, making the perfect amount of money, and living in the perfect house. Except it never worked out that way. By the time I was 31, had two kids, hated my career and quit to be a stay-at-home mom, despite spending a decade in school getting a business degree and financial diploma. I was overweight by 50 pounds. I was so embarrassed of being a stay-at-home mom. I was completely lost. I had no idea what my purpose for existence was.

A gift of a persistent curiosity to understand my misery and struggles with life existed deep inside me. It took me over a decade to amass a wealth of knowledge in this wellness arena. Over the years, I researched, practiced, persisted.  I got more certifications in nutrition, iridology, life coaching, energy healing, etc.

I could list my many certifications, but I pride myself most on my life experience and knowledge I’ve amassed through my thousands of hours of coaching clients.

I'm not perfect. I don't strive to be nor do I pretend to say I am. It's not for me. I am an evolving work in progress who strives for continual learning and personal development. My aim is to express my authentic true self, strive for success I now define by me, and live an experiential existence guided by joy. Some days are better than others. I have ups and downs. However, I can finally say that I love who I am and love what it is I contribute in this world.



If you like what I stand for,

please feel free to reach out and contact me. I truly want you to know that I think you matter, you are important, and you are worthy of your existence.

Thanks for getting to know me!